7 top tips for couples on their wedding day

Your wedding day will be everything you had hoped for but that doesn’t mean to say it won’t be over in a flash. Like all things, when you’re having fun, time goes so fast. It was only when I had attended a friend’s wedding in the summer that I realised it can be so easy to get wrapped up in the day and socialising with your guests that you can go your entire wedding without really spending time with your newly married spouse.

Photo Credit: Steven McDonald Photography

My beautiful friend on her special day checked her watch and said ‘oh I must go and meet Jordan in the secret garden in 5 minutes’ I had presumed she was going to get more photos but it was then that she told me that she and her new husband had agreed before the wedding that at the same time every hour they would meet up in an agreed place just to take time out of their day, have a catch-up and actually spend a bit of quality time together. I absolutely loved this idea; it had never occurred to me before that even though your wedding day is all about you, the bride and groom, you might not actually get much time on the day together, as husband and wife.

We, therefore, asked happy couples what their advice would be in reflection of their special day, and we had some great responses…

  • Do what you want with your day, rather than what you think others want you to do. It’s YOUR day!
  • Inject some fun so the nerves don’t become overwhelming
  • Say hello to people in groups so you can save time to enjoy your day together as a newly married couple
  • Try not to stress (we know it’s easier said than done), enjoy your magical day the hard work is done at this point
  • Enjoy every minute, make it what YOU want, not what you think others do
  • Don’t listen to people’s unsolicited advice, have the day you dreamed of
  • Remember this isn’t just an event, it’s a celebration of love, your love to one another

So, in summary, remember the most important people on your wedding day are you and your partner. Have the day you had dreamed of and make the most amazing memories…together. 

Do you have any tips for couples? Leave them in the comment box and we will be sure to share them.

Speak soon,

Chelsie xx