Floral trends for 2022 by The Little Flower Hut

Bridal flowers can be a minefield when starting to plan your special day. What is in trend? Where should I put flowers? How much should I budget? What flowers are in season on my wedding date? Have all these questions ran through your head? We wouldn't be surprised. That is why we caught up with the lovely Jill at The Little Flower Hut to discuss floral trends for 2022... 



For me, being a florist, it’ll be no surprise flowers are a key ingredient for a wedding! Fortunately for me the couples I work with agree and especially get in touch because they love my style, organic, romantic and undone, but also want to work with a sustainable florist, music to my ears!

One thing is certain couples are looking for the WOW factor for their wedding and beautiful floral arrangements can excite and delight everyone but also create theatre and drama regardless of theme or colour palette.

I work very much with the seasons and my sustainable ethos means I have built a network of wonderful growers who provide the most amazing florals to work with.

Flowers will be more important and expressive than ever in 2022 to lift the mood – floral design trends just like fashion are constantly evolving.



I’m often asked to create a very natural look to quote a common phrase ‘I want my bouquet to look like it’s just been scooped out of a bucket’ ....if only it were that easy, I hear all those very talented florists say!

A wildflower or meadow look is becoming more and more popular and a reason why couples want to work with me – this is very much my vibe.


Bright & Bold

Since the pandemic, many of my brides are pushing the boundaries with colour and asking for ‘happy colours’ from citrus pallets to Autumn ambers and reds



Although a key part of my work I am talking more about texture to my couples creating beautiful and interesting arrangements with less traditional flowers and more greenery. Especially with the popular requests for large scale installations.


Organic arrangements

Being a sustainable florist, I use and love flowers in their natural form, very few straight stems. I think this is one of the appeals as you can work with the flowers to create something very individual. I’m finding more and more that couples too love this and one of the appeals that they seek me out and want to work with me.


Classic tones

Whites and greens will always be in fashion and a true classical look, but this can be contemporised with the use of unusual varieties which I think adds to the interest and beauty. This gives a uniqueness and individuality


I have some very exciting weddings in 2022 and 2023 where the colour schemes and varieties really push the boundaries and create a very different look. – watch this space.


Three top tips:

  • Choose a florist whose style you are drawn to, that way the chemistry and magic will come together to create something truly wonderful and very beautiful.
  • Book your preferred wedding suppliers early to avoid disappointment.
  • Build in an adequate budget for your flowers. We’ve seen increases of up to 40% since 2020 and no sign of prices returning to pre-pandemic rates. Flowers are expensive and the skill involved to create the beautiful bouquets, arches, flower clouds etc seen on Pinterest and Instagram take a huge amount of skill and TIME.


For more information on bridal flowers and Inspiration from Jill (her creations are beautiful) head to... 

Instagram: @the_little_flower_hut