Hey, I’m Sarah Vuong, The Face Behind The Brand

Firstly, I’d love to take the opportunity to thank you! Thank you for taking the time to browse the website and read this blog. I’m Sarah, the founder of the business, the one with the name that everyone struggles to pronounce… no one can say it’s not memorable! And that’s why I chose to use it as the brand name. For anyone interested, it’s just pronounced with a silent U!

So, where has this brand appeared from and why? Well, I hit my mid-thirties, with two beautiful children in tow and decided that I wanted to create something that enabled me to be a little more flexible with family life, but also the old cliché of ‘I just wanted to love my job’, get excited about going to work and build something that would ultimately make a difference to a brides experience when styling their big day. Don’t get me wrong, I have been lucky enough to work within my family’s jewellery business for the last 16 years and a lovely business it is, but now seemed my time to break away and build something from scratch independently. So, with the love and encouragement of the family, I departed the business in pursuit of my dream.

“I wanted to build a website that was super easy to navigate, with the option of viewing only relevant product dependant on your chosen bridal style”

The business idea…to create a brand that makes the personal styling of the female bridal party effortless. In my opinion the jewellery and bridal industries were lacking a brand that offered the advice and guidance in addition to beautiful pieces. I wanted to build a website that was super easy to navigate, with the option of viewing only relevant product dependant on your chosen bridal style. You would be presented with show stopping bridal jewellery, and the hair accessories that would compliment. But we would also cater for your bridesmaids and flower girls jewellery and accessories, matching perfectly to the pieces chosen by the bride. But most importantly, I wanted to deliver stunning jewellery crafted in sterling silver. The metal choice means that the pieces can be worn time and time again. After a quick spruce with a silver cloth, you can relive the emotions of the wedding day every time the pieces are worn.

The process…well let’s just say it hasn’t been as easy as it had played out in my mind! The initial business idea had been something that came to mind in February 2018, so that’s 2 years of research and planning, most of which was done in Costa, that’s a serious amount of coffee consumption! So, with my many vision boards and a solid business plan in hand, I went on the search for a business partner, and all the stars were aligned for me because I found one pretty quickly and couldn’t have been luckier with the pick. With my passion and drive, and their thorough planning and team management skills (keeping me reigned in), we make a great team! After hours of project planning, buying trips and photography shoots, we have launched with a bigger and better jewellery brand than I had ever imagined. We have been working with the best of the best to deliver beautiful jewellery and exceptional service from day 1 of launch.

So, whether you’re an uber Modern Bride, pairing the gown with a leather jacket and funky boots, or a timeless Classic Bride with your waist clinching satin gown and kitten heeled sling backs, we have some sensational pieces to compliment your style. We hope you love our range, be sure to give us your feedback, and keep an eye out for our new collections in the near future!

Sarah xx