How to Choose the Hair Accessory for Your Most Important Day

I thought it would be great to follow up to the earlier blog on ‘How to Choose the Jewellery for your Most Important Day’ with a ‘How to…’ on choosing the hair accessories for your most important day. These accessories are equally as important as your jewellery. And with such a huge selection of accessories, it wouldn’t be surprising if you were left overwhelmed. So here’s my guide on things to consider when searching for the perfect hair accessory, followed by my Top 3 pieces from our collection.

Be clear on ‘Your Style’– are you a modern bride with an uber chic gown looking for a minimalist hair pin, or a vintage bride with a gown adorned with beadwork and feathers looking for a statement deco comb to accompany your smooth Hollywood waves? Knowing exactly what your style is, will allow you to invest in a piece that will reflect the detail of not only your dress, but the complete style of the wedding.

How are you wearing your hair? – It’s important to start by saying, choose your accessory to suit your hair, not your hair to suit your accessory! Decide on the style of your hair and then explore the pieces that will complete the look. You need to ooze confidence, and feel comfortable throughout the day, but you also still need to feel like you! Pinterest and Instagram are a great source for inspiration but don’t get too fixated on replicating a particular image. Ask your stylist for some guidance, they live and breathe this business, so use their expertise to create the right look for you.

Are you styling your look with other bridal accessories? – Will you be wearing a veil? Will the veil work with an accessory? How long do you plan to wear the veil for, just the ceremony or the entire daytime reception? These are really important considerations when choosing your hair accessory.

Also have you chosen your jewellery? Which piece is going to take centre stage as the statement accessory? If you’re wearing a bold pearl drop earring, then keep your hair accessory small, with maybe a delicate pin detailed with a spray of pearl beads. Alternatively, if you’ve chosen simple dainty jewellery with a touch of sparkle then make a statement with an elaborately detailed crystal tiara. 

Also keep the details consistent between the jewellery and the hair accessory. If you have opted for beautiful cream lustrous pearls for your jewellery, then choose an accessories that also has a touch of pearl detail.

Less is MoreYou only need ONE statement piece

Co-ordinate your colours– Jewellery and accessories vary in metal colour with silver, gold and rose gold tones available. If your jewellery has a silver tone then co-ordinate the hair accessory to match. You could go one step further and co-ordinate your accessory metal to the metallic tones running through the other details of wedding, for example the stationary and centre pieces. The attention to these finer details will create a beautifully coherent themed wedding.

Consider your season– The season will directly influence the theme of your wedding, and in turn influence the accessories that will complement your theme. Spring and summer weddings look fabulous with hair accessories delicately adorned with porcelain floral detail, and alternatively even fresh flowers, with sprigs of gypsophila and bold floral crowns. As a contrast, heavily detailed crystal and pearl combs and tiaras look sensational worn in autumn and winter months.


Are you changing up your look for the evening?– Some brides will only freshen up, leaving their overall look the same from day to night. However, some brides will opt for a bolder look, changing both their hair and make-up for the evening. What are your intentions? If it’s the latter, then ensure that your hair accessory will work with both looks if you intend to change your hairstyle.

Are you looking to match your maids?– If the answer is yes, then it would be worth deciding on the hairstyles for yourself and your maids before looking for accessories. Once you know the hairstyles, it will become clear if you need a comb, pin or slide to complement the style. With this knowledge in mind the search for the perfect accessories will be so much easier. There are some stunning sets that include a larger more detailed piece for the bride, with a selection of smaller more delicate pieces for the maids, all co-ordinated with identical detailing.

However, if you are looking to make your hair accessory THE statement, then you possibly won’t want the maids to match identically. In this case, take the detail you love the most from your hair piece, for example maybe it has faceted crystal beads, and you love the way these beads sparkle as the light hits them. Then search for small hair accessories with those faceted crystal beads, this will create a co-ordinated look.

My Personal Favourites


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