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Modern Bride



As a modern bride, you want to look like the part, but you don’t want to look like every other bride and for yours to be like every other wedding. Instead, you want flashes of your creativity, artistic nature and individualism to shine through, with standout hair accessories and statement pieces that are different from the norm - like our graduating pearl earrings, spear design pushover silver bracelet or contemporary twist pendant with cubic zirconia crystals.

 Same old, same old doesn’t do it for you. You’re switching it up and expressing yourself by planning an altogether different, high fashion wedding day with bold couture colours, clean lines and modern accessories. And saying no to the traditional wedding bouquet, swapping it for an aromatic mix of rosemary, silver dollar eucalyptus, king protea and greenery. Not to mention, wearing a holographic leather dress, breaking free from tradition to make a speech and your Grandma is giving you away.

 We choose everything in the Sarah Vuong Modern collections to express your authenticity and complement your runway-worthy dress, designer floristry and cool, industrial lighting. So, if you’re saying, “I do” in a unique, modern location – art gallery, cocktail bar and restaurant or other contemporary venue - wearing a keshi pearl necklace and design-led dress, in any other colour but white – this style is perfect for you.