Let us help you plan your wedding - FREE downloadable wedding planning spreadsheet

Bridal jewellery and hair accessories might be our thing but myself and Chelsie have both planned our own weddings before and so we know budgeting and keeping track of expenses can be one of the least exciting tasks (unless you love a spreadsheet like Chelsie). That is why we have created this wedding planning spreadsheet for you. 

You will find:

  • A budget tab which will give you ideas (and we must emphasise that these are just ideas and are not required to create your special day, whatever you choose on your day must fit with you and your partner and reflect who you are as a couple, we have just jotted lots of things down so feel through to go through and delete anything that you will not require) and help you keep on track of what has been booked, what has been paid and what you owe, to help eliminate some of the stress
  • A guest list tab so you can keep on track of guests and numbers
  • A table plan tab so you can start to plan out who will sit where
  • A flowers tab to give you an idea of where you may require flowers 
  • A wedding music tab so you can jot down songs you love to pass on to your evening entertainment

We really hope this helps, please let us know if you find it useful!


Sarah and Chelsie x