Skin Care Prep for your Wedding Day

Been building up to that one special day...birthday, graduation, the list continues and the biggest zit appears the night before? We have all been there! There is no denying that everyones skin is different and some of us have more troublesome skin than others however on your special day you want to look and feel your best, confident, beautiful (which you 100% will regardless) self. 



We recently caught up with Emma Denton, Bridal Make-up Artist, to talk all things skin care prep in the lead up to your Wedding Day, here is what she had to say..

"Skin prep plays such an important part leading up to the big day. Being consistent and finding skin care that suits your budget as well as your skin type will ensure you are feeling your absolute best and glowing with confidence on your wedding.

I usually recommend to start (at the latest) 6 months before, especially if you are going to try new products as you don’t want to end up with a reaction right before you want to look your best. A good cleanser every day, (always double-cleanse on an evening if you have had make up on) then a good serum and moisturiser, or a night cream for the evening will make such a huge difference to your skin, keeping it smoother, softer and clearer. If you do have any chronic inflammation like acne or rosacea, now would be would a good time to speak to your doctor or dermatologist for advice on how to help calm it and help reduce flare-ups. Wedding-planning is so exciting but it can also be overwhelming and if you are feeling stressed it can show up on the face. 

If you are thinking of adding some colour to your skin with a spray tan, again trying it a few months before is a must, especially if you haven’t had one before. One of my personal favourites I recommend is a spray tan called Sun Escape, it gives a gorgeous natural looking glow (which comes in different shades depending on your own skin colour) and with natural ingredients in it and a non patchy fade-out it’s so gorgeous! If you like it and decide to have one for your day, make sure you book it in 2 to 3 days before to give it chance to fade in to your skin. 

Self care is such a big part of skin care and with our lives getting constantly busier this can sometimes take a back seat, but by scheduling in some facials in the run up to the big day, it will give you something to look forward to and relax while you are there. I would usually advise having your last facial 2 weeks before your wedding and go for a nice hydrating, soothing one. 

I know it sounds cliché but drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your skin inside and out, try to drink plenty of water when you can. I add lemon and fruits to my water bottle if I’m struggling (as I know it’s not always easy to drink the recommended amount) and I find this helps and naturally makes it taste better. Water really does help clear the skin and clear the body of any toxins, which in turn helps keep you looking and feeling refreshed.
The week before the wedding, try and get as much sleep as you can. Your skin detoxes while you sleep and skin cell growth and repair happens during the course of the night. 

Finally on the morning of your wedding, after you’ve had your shower and cleansed your face, treat yourself to a nice face mask. One of my favourites that I recommend to my brides to use is the Charlotte Tilbury Dry Facial Sheet Mask, it helps lift, tighten and smooth the skin whilst hydrating for up to 8 hours and this just helps to create a gorgeous canvas for your make up to be applied and for you to look and feel like the most gorgeous version of yourself."


Key takeaways

  • Your skin can purge when trialling a new skin care routine meaning if you don't already have a trusty routine in place, your best to to try and introduce one at least 6 months before your wedding date just to be sure no reactions will take place in the days leading up
  • Drink, drink drink...water that is, we are not encouraging you to down the bottle of red that's winking at you no matter how appealing it may seem. Water really is skins best friend
  • If you get a spot or a rash then that's ok! Stress, hormones, sleep deprivation...basically everything that comes part and parcel of planning a wedding amongst other things come into play and sometimes it is out of our control. That's what make up is for and if you have enlisted the help of a make up artist to help you get ready on the morning or your wedding then you will be in good hands
  • You are already beautiful these are just tips and tricks to help you feel more confident on most likely one of the biggest days of your life
  • It's always best to ask your make up artists their opinions on your trial and if you are opting to apply your own make up on the day but would like some more information about skin care prep in the lead up, feel free to reach out. We have built a community of great suppliers who i'm sure would be happy to answer any queries you may have