Wedding planning post Covid

Hello, for those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I am Chelsie and I joined SV in 2021 to support with marketing, some of you may have met me at bridal fairs or pop ups and for those who haven’t, hi :)



I actually met Sarah when I was planning my own wedding, which unfortunately like so many other brides was postponed due to covid. I am now 6 weeks away from my third planned wedding date and I can’t quite believe it…it doesn’t feel real! I also didn’t make it this far on the last two dates, so I am entering unchartered territory, but I love planning and I have had 6 years to do it so let’s be honest, I have had long enough to get myself organised!

Being a bride myself and navigating through Covid, Brexit, Cost of Living, and Energy Price hikes I thought I would share tips, tricks and advice I have learnt along the way because I am not going to sugar coat it, suppliers prices have hiked up since I originally booked mine a few years ago but honestly, it’s not their fault and it’s just super challenging times for all involved, so here goes…



Fresh flowers are expensive, period! Prepare to pay $$$ if it’s what you really want. Brexit, Covid and the Energy Price hikes have really affected prices and florists are really struggling to turn a profit as the cost price of florals has just gone through the roof. In my opinion flowers really transform a venue and add that all important personal touch but if fresh flowers are out of your budget there are still some lovely alternatives out there. Many florists now hire out artificial arrangements which they can still personalise to fit your theme and these alternatives will save you money. Also think about how you can repurpose your arrangements. Arrangements made for the ceremony room can be repurposed and used in your wedding breakfast room, for example on your top table or on your cake table…don’t think you can’t move your flowers around; venues are used to this and have become a dab hand and moving things from A to B so couples can get the most out of them.



If you love baking like me, you will have noticed how ingredients have really gone up in price and finding eggs at the minute is like searching for a golden ticket! So, it will be no surprise to you that the cost of wedding cakes has also increased. Wedding cakes are simply like a work of art, so bear in mind you’re not paying for just a baker but also an artist…so take this into consideration when you do receive your quote…

  • Wedding cake makers can advise you on how many tiers you would need based on the number of guests you’re having.
  • Your cake can be used to reduce your wedding breakfast costs and served as dessert on the day.
  • If you feel a cake is just out of your budget, dessert tables are becoming more and more popular, and you could look at creating one yourself either baking things at home or buying bakes from places such as Costco (you would need to check with your venue that this is ok)
  • I had explored a ‘fake’ wedding tier, but my cake maker had told me they don’t really reduce costs as the hard work comes with the decorating
  • Not into sponge cake? What about cheese cakes, check out your local cheese monger and see if you could put together your own tiered cheese cake



Suits have really rocketed in price which took me a little bit by surprise. If your husband to be likes to wear a suit, you may feel it’s an investment as you know he will get his wear out of it, however if he won’t, you may consider renting….something to consider.



I once heard Sarah say to a bride that wedding bands are the one thing from your wedding which you will wear every day after and that really resonated with me. The price of gold (like everything else) has also shot up and it’s understandable that you will have a budget in mind but there are all sorts of options available when it comes to rings. Did you know, Sarah has worked in her family jewellers since she was 18? So, she knows a lot about wedding bands! If you have any questions at all feel free to email or DM her on Instagram or pop in to The Jewellers Guild in Whitley Bay where she is based.


I have no doubt your day will be amazing and if you are anything like me you will absolutely love planning it. What I will say is maybe have a 10% contingency budget to account for things like inflation or unexpected costs (it’s the things like favours, suit, and dress alterations etc that end up adding up) but most importantly do what you and your partner want as it is your day.

We are always here if you need a wedding planning hand and of course our styling advice service is ready and waiting when you need help choosing your bridal accessories!


Lots of love,