Aimee & Ryan - 23.10.21

Aimee and Ryan wed at The Barn at Barra Castle, Aberdeenshire in October and their beautiful wedding oozes autumnal vibes. We love how Aimee transitioned from day to night with her beautiful jacket from With the Love of Pearls. Check out their stunning wedding pictures and brilliant advice from Aimee for any lovely brides to be currently planning their wedding.



Tell us about you...

Name: Aimee Sheikh

Wedding Date: 23.10.21

Location of Wedding: The Barn at Barra Castle, Aberdeen


Tell us your proposal story…

We were going up to my parents for a BBQ. I was very grumpy that day, not sure why but Ryan was trying to cheer me up the whole way there. I was having none of it! When we were almost there, he said we were early so could go for a walk along the beach. It was a really nice day, and I gave him a hard time about wearing his jacket when everyone around us was in shorts…the ring was in his pocket. Halfway along the beach, he got down on one knee. My mood obviously improved after that. He had arranged for his mum to be back at my parent’s house for the BBQ too so we could all celebrate together.

We had a few holidays and weekends away booked for that year and Ryan said afterwards he had planned on proposing while we were away but due to covid everything was cancelled. Home is a very special place for me and I couldn’t have imagined a better place for it to happen.


What advice would you give to any future bride currently planning their wedding?

Try not to stress about the small things, they really don’t matter, and no one will notice on the day, least of all you!

I stressed too much over the colour of my jewellery. I wanted gold to tie in with my bridesmaids, but I thought the satin sash in my dress looked silver in pictures I had seen online. I went with what I wanted and am so glad I did.

Also, the night before we realised we had nothing to hold the place names. Couldn’t get to sleep thinking about it and the next day I couldn't care less, I’d forgotten all about it.


What is the one thing in your opinion every bride needs on her wedding day?

Comfortable shoes!!

Something that my husband suggested was that we take short videos on his phone throughout the day. We did a few short clips throughout the day when we had a minute or 2 alone together saying what was happening for example “we’ve just come out of the ceremony and on our way to get our pictures taken” it was great fun and so good to look back on how excited we were. It also gave us some time alone to take in what was happening.


What was the biggest pain point when planning your wedding and how did you overcome this?

Coming from different backgrounds our families had different views on which type of ceremony we should have. I heard so many times that “it’s your day and you should do it your way” but our families are important to us, and we wanted to be considerate of their wishes too. We discussed this with them and managed to personalise our ceremony to make it work for everyone and include what was important to them.


How did you choose your suppliers?

I loved scrolling through Instagram for wedding inspiration. A lot of my suppliers were local to where I grew up and I already followed, others I had seen tagged in posts that I liked.

Our caterer isn’t on social media and doesn’t have a website, but I had been at a wedding she had catered for previously and heard through word of mouth that she did a bit of floristry too. She more or less became our wedding coordinator, and I don’t know what I would have done without her!


Tell us about your experience with Sarah Vuong...

During lockdown, my hair Jade had been posting a lot of hair ups that she had been practising on a mannequin. After seeing her posts, she was the first person I booked after seeing our date and securing our venue. I loved the pearl pins she had used in a few of her styles and was pretty set that they were what I wanted. We tried a couple of different styles with the pins at my hair trial and I decided on a glam pony.

I ordered the pins from Sarah online and they arrived beautifully packaged with a lovely, personalised note.

I then received a card from Sarah through the post just before our wedding day which I thought was a lovely, thoughtful thing to do!



Venue: The Barn at Barra Castle

Photographer: Christie Johnston

MUA: Francine Ray

Hair Stylist: Jade Blanchard an SV Brand Ambassador

Florist: Val Morrison

Décor Stylist: Without a Hitch

Dress: Perfect Bridal Rooms

Shoes: Charlotte Mills

Kilts: Georgian Dress Hire

Hair Accessories: Sarah Vuong Eden Pins

Jewellery: Earrings from Lily and Roo and my watch was my something borrowed from my granny

Stationary: Paper and Petals

Jacket: For the Love of Pearls