Caitlin & David - 03.04.2022

Caitlin and David married this April at Dunedin Country House in Yorkshire and the day and of course, Caitlin looked beautiful, what a stunning colour scheme and styling. Caitlin was actually one of our brides who purchased from our sample sale last year so it is lovely to see her tie the knot. Caitlin shares more about her day below and shares some really valuable advice...


Tell us about you...

Name: Caitlin Brodie

Wedding Date: 3rd April 2022

Location of Wedding: Dunedin Country House, Patrington, East Riding of Yorkshire


Tell us your proposal story…

My proposal was what I can only describe as being perfect, though I know my husband Is unlikely to agree. He had originally intended to propose once things returned to normal after the first lockdown. As we had been together for 9 years by this point, I think he felt he needed to do something extravagant, when all I wanted was for him to propose. He had hoped to wait out the second lockdown but changed his mind when it was announced it would likely be for 3 months and instead proposed at home, the day before Valentine's Day, with a pathway lit by tea lights and paper lantern bags spelling out 'Marry Me'. It wasn't what he had planned but it was exactly what I hoped for, something intimate, romantic and perfect. He then proceeded to cook me the most delicious meal whilst I drank an entire bottle of prosecco! 


What advice would you give to any future bride currently planning their wedding?

Enjoy yourself - and trust your suppliers! I know it isn't common, but I really enjoyed planning our wedding. Looking at all the beautiful things we considered including, contacting the most lovely and helpful suppliers and then finally seeing It all come together on the day. I think brides often feel they should please everyone on their wedding day, but really all that is important Is that you (and your fiancé) are happy with what you've chosen. Finding the right suppliers is a must though! Find people who know exactly what you want, and want to help you achieve it. It'll make things seem so much simpler.


What is the one thing in your opinion every bride needs on her wedding day?

Supportive friends and family. I don't know what I would have done without my family and friends around me on our wedding day. Although I wasn't nervous at all (my photographer said I was the most excited bride she has ever seen) it was nice knowing that should anything go wrong or need dealing with, they had it in hand. I actually advised my venue before our day that if there were any questions that needed answering, to speak to anyone in the wedding party other than myself. I wanted to enjoy my day, and by being able to rely on friends and family to deal with anything that arose, I got to!


What was the biggest pain point when planning your wedding and how did you overcome this?

By far the biggest, and really the only, pain point when planning our wedding was my in-laws. Unfortunately, my husband’s family do not get along as well as my own and trying to accommodate this was difficult. After my husband and I had a particularly hard conversation about how much it was stressing me out (there were tears) we agreed that if they couldn’t behave like adults then they would be asked to leave. Both parties were advised of this and the second this happened I stopped worrying. I think when I realised, I had no control over how they behaved, and should it be unacceptable knew they would be asked to leave, so it wasn’t worth my stress. I felt so much happier after this and enjoyed the rest of the planning process going forward.


How did you choose your suppliers?

Initially, I contacted suppliers based on what they were offering, but to be truthful I chose my suppliers from those by how they replied. I wanted suppliers who were as invested in my wedding as I was, and that is exactly what I got. I appreciate that to most suppliers my wedding was just one of many, but to me, It was the most important day of my life so far. I wanted to feel that excitement from my suppliers and was extremely lucky to receive It from those I chose.


Tell us about your experience with Sarah Vuong...

I purchased my Sarah Vuong Hairpiece from a sample sale on Instagram, that I was made aware of by Charlotte Mills. I really struggled to choose a piece initially from those available as I loved so many of them but decided on the piece I wore as it fit my theme for the day, and dress, perfectly. I wanted the day to be romantic, simple and filled with flowers – which I feel it certainly was. This theme followed onto my dress, which was Stella York 7012, and my hairpiece matched it so perfectly it appeared to be as though made for me especially. Purchasing the item was so easy and Sarah seemed so excited for me – which was amazing! She checked in with me when it arrived and seemed genuinely interested in my wedding and where I stood with the planning at that point. I was made to feel so special and appreciated for my purchase and the friendly conversation I had with Sarah really made me feel I had made the right decision to buy such important jewellery for my big day from her.



Venue: Dunedin Country House, Patrington

Photographer: Vicky Benge - GoPhoto!

MUA: Toni Neylon-Walker

Hair Stylist: The Style Lounge

Florist: Becky at Ivy Lane Florist

Décor Stylist: Belle Bijoux Events

Dress: Stella York 7012 purchased from Osh Gosh Gowns

Shoes: Ida from Charlotte Mills

Suits: Slaters

Hair Accessories: Wed2b

Jewellery: Pearls gifted from my godmother, earrings purchased from Osh Gosh Gowns

Stationary: Elle Bee Designs

Hair Accessory: Sarah Vuong (purchased from our sample sale)