How to Choose the Jewellery for your Most Important Day

Well congratulations on reaching the last stretch of the planning stage, because generally, the jewellery and hair accessories will be one of the last purchases you make for your big day! And for good reason, because there are many things you need to consider when choosing your pieces. Here are a few of my top tips to help you choose the perfect pieces.

Consider your STYLE- this will shine through in every aspect of your wedding. From your dress to your invites, your shoes to your florals. You need to choose jewellery and hairpieces that complement and suit the style of your wedding. If you are a bohemian bride with long loose waves, then oversized hoops will look fab, but if you’re a super elegant bride, then an elongated sleek drop earring would create the perfect look. 


Consider your DRESS- the cut of the dress will denote the jewellery that will look amazing. A bridal gown with long sleeves and a high neck would need a statement earring, but with a sweetheart neckline and large skirt, a subtle necklace and earring set with a pretty bracelet to match will look fabulous. Try to choose ONE statement piece, and then select subtle pieces to sit alongside… 

“…Remember you want the dress to be the centrepiece and the accessories to compliment”

Consider your FABRIC- THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL! If you purchase the wrong jewellery, you will damage your wedding dress before you make it to the aisle! I can’t emphasise this point enough, and please purchase pieces that are beautiful but more importantly, appropriate for your dress. 
If your dress includes a fine tulle, lace or any other delicate embroidery, do not buy a claw set sparkly bracelet! This style of bracelet will click and pull your fabrics. There will be something similar that will be suitable, but you need to be asking for advice.  

Consider your HAIRSTYLE- by this point, you will have a good idea on whether you are going to have a Hollywood wave, fishtail braid or a textured chignon, and this should influence your choice of both hair accessory and earrings. If you’re planning to wear your hair down, I would recommend opting for large stud or drop earring so that it is still visible, however with an updo you have the flexibility of a more subtle stud or going for the earrings as a wow piece. Let your hairstyle lead your hair accessory choice, and then I would recommend choosing your earrings and let these dictate your necklace and bracelet. 

Consider the FUTURE- it is so important to feel amazing on your big day but also that you feel yourself! I would discourage you from choosing pieces that you wouldn’t normally wear. If you generally wear small, subtle stud earrings, then choosing chandelier drop earrings won’t make you feel comfortable or yourself on the day. Also, you want to select pieces that you will enjoy wearing time and time again after the wedding day, so choose pieces that are a more elaborate design than what you would typically wear. 

Consider your MAIDS- when choosing the jewellery and accessories for your bridal party, it’s best if the pieces complement your own look. You are the star of the show, so choose your pieces first and then look for more subtle pieces for your maids. Again, choose something that you know they will enjoy wearing after the wedding day, you want this gift to become a real keepsake for the role they played on your special day. 

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